forgets, forgetting, forgot, forgotten
1) VERB If you forget something or forget how to do something, you cannot think of it or think how to do it, although you knew it or knew how to do it in the past.

[V n] Sometimes I improvise and change the words because I forget them...

[V wh] She forgot where she left the car and it took us two days to find it.

2) VERB If you forget something or forget to do it, you fail to think about it or fail to remember to do it, for example because you are thinking about other things.

[V n] She never forgets her daddy's birthday...

[V to-inf] She forgot to lock her door one day and two men got in...

[V that] Don't forget that all dogs need a supply of fresh water to drink...

[V about n] She forgot about everything but the sun and the wind and the salt spray.

3) VERB If you forget something that you had intended to bring with you, you do not bring it because you did not think about it at the right time.

[V n] Once when we were going to Paris, I forgot my passport. [Also V about n]

4) VERB If you forget something or someone, you deliberately put them out of your mind and do not think about them any more.

[V n] I hope you will forget the bad experience you had today...

[V n] I can't forget what happened...

[V about n] I found it very easy to forget about Sumner...

[V that] She tried to forget that sometimes she heard them quarrelling.

5) VERB If you forget yourself, you behave in an uncontrolled or unacceptable way, which is not the way in which you usually behave.

[V pron-refl] He was so fascinated by her beauty that he forgot himself and leaned across to touch her.

6) CONVENTION (formulae) You say `Forget it' in reply to someone as a way of telling them not to worry or bother about something, or as an emphatic way of saying no to a suggestion. [SPOKEN]

`Sorry, Liz. I think I was a bit rude to you.' - `Forget it, but don't do it again!'...

`You want more?' roared Claire. `Forget it, honey.'

7) PHRASE: PHR n You say not forgetting a particular thing or person when you want to include them in something that you have already talked about.

The first thing is to support as many shows as one can, not forgetting the small local ones.

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